Best Games to Get into Metallurgy

It is impossible to imagine a modern comfortable world without metal elements, so it makes sense for everyone to learn at least the basics of the production of copper, aluminum, and steel.

You can do this without leaving your computer chair by simply playing the best games that allow you to do metal smelting.

Best Games about Mining and Processing Ores into Metals

It is important to note that the smelting of metals in the blast and open-hearth furnaces is one of the most harmful types of production. Nowadays, the industrialized countries of the world are trying to organize such harmful productions in split formats.

Now industrial robots are working in the open-hearth plants, while human operators sit in their soft comfortable chairs at computer monitors in other rooms with excellent air conditioning. So playing as a metallurgist is almost like working at a high-tech metallurgical plant.

  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a single-player, multi-platform open-world RPG released in 2011. The game is complex and allows players to build cities, trade, and fight. All three of these activities require metal tools and weapons. But you have to go a long and difficult way to forge yourself an ax or a sword. In the past, the process of transforming the mud collected from the swamps into shining armor and sharp blades seemed so incomprehensible to the peasants that blacksmiths were almost considered sorcerers. Since blacksmiths and warriors often have to use ore from neighboring countries, the game’s plot is reminiscent of modern international production logistics chains. It is impossible to do this kind of business without cross-border trade.
  • Cities: Skylines is a city-building game released in 2015. In the game, users have to build a city with all the infrastructure in an open field from scratch. The game is good for those whose dream is to work in the city hall or be a politician. And of course, it is impossible to build a modern industrial city without metallurgical production. In a global economy, the production of metals requires establishing extensive international relations and finding the most beneficial suppliers, buyers, and business partners.
  • Minecraft is a sandbox game from an independent Swedish developer (indie game), first released in 2009. The PC version of the game was released in 2011. The game has no goals to be achieved and allows users to do whatever they want. This includes mining and smelting metals, forging weapons, and engaging enemies with a custom-made sword. Millions of users have fallen in love with the game precisely because it does not limit their creative thoughts in any way.
  • Factorio is a construction simulator with management elements released in 2016-2020. This is another indie game where players can explore the natural resources of an uncharted planet that is fantastically rich in them, including metal ores. Next, players have to establish a complete chain of production of metal products, from exploration of deposits and ore mining to the construction of a metallurgical plant. The game encourages the automation of production processes and building a deployed logistics infrastructure.
  • Satisfactory is a construction and management simulator released in 2019. A talented and educated engineer finds himself on an unknown and hostile planet where he should now build factories and start producing various goods. First, he has to conduct research, carry out geological exploration, find and develop ore deposits. At some point in the game, the main character looks at the environment from the first person and feels regret that the beautiful untouched nature is being ruthlessly destroyed for profit. Pretty trendy ecological concept.

Scientists have long found out that the human body cannot withstand long-distance space flights, so distant planets with their untouched nature may not worry. All that remains for people is to satisfy their passion for the conquest of resource-rich planets on computer simulators that do not harm the environment.

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