Best indie games of the last decade

In recent decades, computer technology has become very widespread and developed, and now, it helps specific developers create fascinating video games without the need for additional funding. The best indie games are often characterized by an extraordinary flight of fantasy, which is impossible for big industrial developers due to commercial standards entrenched in our society.

Indie games, among which the best ones often bring delight to users due to their unique features. They are also increasingly popular among gamers and often become best-selling.

Since computer technology is becoming very modern every day, we are not wrong to say that a true revolution will happen in the gaming pretty world soon. Once upon a time, such an event took place in a music society that changed trends in the field of musical instruments or recording and reproducing techniques.

Of course, the large members of the music market did not lose anything and even made more money when the Beatles and the Rolling Stones became popular. It was then that these and other artists began to create content with their own forces, and then, publishers began to profit from the speculative resale of old products.

A similar sad situation can occur in the video game market if most publishers realize that they can profit from independent developers.

List of best indie games of the last decade

This indie games rating is on the basis of viewers’ sympathies or the opinions of editors and experts from various game editions.

Super Meat Boy
Super Meat Boy
  • Super Meat Boy. This game was released in 2010. Experienced gamers may have guessed that the game would tell them about the modernization and adaptation of the famous Super Mario Bros series. This game is about a handsome butcher and his adventures while searching for his beloved girl. The developers adapted the complex storyline of the legendary game to modern minimalism in this version of the game. However, the important thing is that it’s a platformer in which you will be interested in jumping on thousands of circular plates.
  • Hotline Miami. This game was released in 2012. It is no secret that the developers of this game are true animal advocates, so they gave the gamers the opportunity to feel in the skin and feathers of a pet, which suffers from human cruelty and decided to get even with the abusers. According to the rules of the genre, the struggle of good against evil and adversaries does not take place among civilians of cities or villages, but among bandits.
  • Amnesia: The Dark Descent. This game was released in 2010. Independent Swedish developers managed to create a full horror story. The character’s adventures take place in an abandoned castle that is covered in darkness. Only a faint light of a candle illuminates the horror that happens there. Monsters chase the main character and he can get a complete breakdown even if they don’t capture him. The concept of the game was so much liked by the user that pretty soon, many fans of the project appeared.

This list includes indie games that help users understand how independent developers create their projects.

The list of best indie games gives users the opportunity to feel the unusual edge of this genre and to get a specific experience from these games.

A large number of rules and regulations always limits professional art, while amateur artists have no control over the flight of their fantasy. Even the stupidest mistakes of gamers will seem to you to be an addition to all these games that humanize them.

Games of independent developers will certainly enjoy even non-experienced people than the work of professional professionals who receive a real salary.

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