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Can computer games help to protect the environment?

In the modern era, human civilization is facing the problem of ecology as never before. The rapid growth of industrial production in recent decades has led to a sharp increase in waste. In this regard, the issues of increasing the utilization rate of domestic and industrial waste and introducing the concept of separate waste collection are actively raised at the state level.

Developers have created a lot of great video games in which the character is purposefully engaged in the search for ferrous and non-ferrous metals hidden in the ground waste, methodically bypassing the neighborhoods of settlements. To a certain extent, the plots of such games can be compared to a treasure hunt. Who was not fond of Stevenson’s novel “Treasure Island” in his youth?

Thus, video games with plots devoted to the collection and separate disposal of garbage contribute to popularizing the urgent task of protecting the Earth’s ecosphere from rapidly growing volumes of industrial and household waste.

Due to the constant expansion of the separate collection of industrial and household waste, it is possible to earn money by collecting metal scraps and plastic bottles, paper, cardboard, rags, and leather.

Using computer games to involve users in environmental protection activities

In the past, when the economic security of the majority of the population was rather low, the collection of all kinds of waste was organized on a large scale. The streets of cities and towns were lined with so-called junk collectors, where you could exchange your old clothes and rags for useful items:

  1. The plot of the computer game can tell about how some enterprising citizen turned the collection of iron, aluminum, and copper with the help of a metal detector into a profitable business.
  2. In the process of wandering around remote metropolitan areas in places, the character of the game can periodically find non-ferrous or ferrous metals in large or smaller amounts.
  3. Depending on the activity and success of participation in the process of the game, the gamer will receive points or even exchange them for real money.
Traditional casino
Traditional casino

There are known cases when these nature fans walk with a metal detector found lost somewhere in the woods or fields of an airplane. As you know, a significant part of the structural parts of the aircraft are made of aluminum, which on commodity exchanges today traded for tens of thousands of dollars a ton.

And if the seeker finds somewhere in an abandoned area of large copper products, it can significantly increase family wealth.

With the help of appropriate video games, it is also possible to instill in the minds of ordinary people the habit of immediately placing garbage arising from household chores into separate bags.

The strategy of popularization of environmental activities on the example of popular video and online games

Such a video game with rapidly growing popularity (especially in India) as Lucky Jet online is quite capable of attracting the interest of millions of users to environmental issues. The game has gained huge popularity worldwide due to several significant advantages:

  1. The developer declared a 97% return on bets in winnings.
  2. Dynamic tense plot, quickly involving the user in the action.

The multiplayer format of the game allows not only active entertainment but also communication with like-minded people.

The gameplay of LuckyJet is based on the fact that the user needs to increase bets and winnings up to a certain point, after which everything accumulated burns, if not withdrawn, before the crash of the jet character.

Lucky Jet

With the funds collected from a successful game, the user could invest in purchasing a good metal detector and practically clean up the neighborhood from deposits of old iron. The game is presented in formats for all popular platforms for users’ convenience. For mobile devices and desktop computers.

Acquire the game user through the installation package Lucky Jet game app. In addition, the developers have created a web version of the game, so you can have fun and win while getting involved in environmental protection without installing an application on your device.

And here is a nice bonus for gamers who consider participating in games as entertainment and an opportunity to replenish the family budget. As a result of the game’s source code becoming publicly available, a special application and online service called Lucky Jet predictor has appeared, which effectively predicts the character’s exit from the game and allows the gamer to withdraw his winnings just a second before the crash, thus maximizing the profitability of participation.

But is Lucky Jet hack possible? Mathematical science states that it is impossible to predict these events according to the law of random numbers.

However, there is one “but”. The unpredictability of random numbers refers exclusively to ideal mathematical situations. Which, as every practicing researcher knows, cannot exist in real nature for several scientifically confirmed reasons.

An example is the plot of one of Jack London’s northern series of stories. A young man long observed the rotation of the roulette wheel and eventually developed a so-called system of guaranteed winnings. When the upset club owner offered good money for revealing the secret, it turned out that standing near the constantly burning stove, the wooden roulette dried out, leading to some patterns of falling numbers.

Similarly, computer codes are not mathematically perfect, so random number predictions are entirely possible in the context of a video game. And here’s another nice bonus from the developers of the video game predictor. Every day, one guaranteed prediction of the exact moment a character leaves the game is provided free of charge.

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