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Smartphones and tablets have long outperformed old stationary computers that were on sale at the beginning of the millennium. In today’s world, the trend towards larger screen sizes on smartphones has had appeared, and this helps users install the best online Android games without difficulty and play them with the greatest pleasure.

You can see the strong points here. For example, you can carry your mobile device anywhere with you. Thus, you can take your mind off routine while waiting in long queues or at stops of rail and public transport. Passengers in air terminals are no comment at all.

All of these circumstances may push you to download some of the best Android games on your device.

There are many genres of games for mobile devices. Among them are many popular games for computers that were adapted for small displays. Many Android games are primarily multiplayer and cooperative projects where you can fight your friends or experienced gamers anywhere on the planet remotely.

List of best online games for Android

You can download it from Google Play Market and install on your device many games, and it won’t cost you any money. Sometimes it’s just limited demos, but sometimes it’s full versions of cool game products.


In this article, you will see a rating of online games for Android, which consists of similar projects.

  1. PUBG. This is an adapted version of a Battle-style cult project that has won the hearts of millions of gamers. The developers were able to scale the battles to small screens of smartphones and tablets. In this game, you will meet a hundred warriors and several battlefields that are located on land, at sea and in the air. The main purpose of the character is to remain one of the last survivors to fight countless high-level opponents. Excellent graphics will help you enjoy the image, but not every smartphone will be able to visualize it. However, millions of fans of this massive battle will be happy to try this product even on a smartphone, but at a time when they are away from home and cannot access their computer.
  2. Call of Duty: Mobile. It is another game that is highly popular and gives users the opportunity to fight on the team, fight monsters and zombies, and try out as a sniper. The developers adapted it for mobile devices too. This mobile shooter turned out to be quite optimal. Global competitions have begun and the founders rank them. Fans of Call of Duty can feel safe at home even in the mobile version of their favourite game.
  3. GTA SAMP. This legendary and experimental project was released in 2004. Now, it also has its mobile version. It will show you an open world with unlimited development and the ability to transform characters. Here, you can serve in the army, become a firefighter or a mobster. In addition, you can even replicate the career of an office clerk. Fans of this project have long formed a vast community that unites them and helps them communicate and experiment with imagery, as well as fight together.

Many online games for Android can enter the top 10, and legendary and popular projects are among them. These include Clash of Clans, World of Tanks Blitz, Shadowgun Legends, Black Desert Mobile and Standoff 2.

So those games got the gamers’ hearts and became very popular, and then they went into the status of cult ones. And now, they have whole communities of fans, and most of them are adapted to low power, slow Internet and small screens, and touch-sensitive smartphone control.

Some adaptations were full-scale desktop versions of the games. True, many mobile versions, though called free, are supplied with advertising, and this causes discomfort in the lives of some gamers.

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