Awesome Metal Detecting Game

When we were kids, we all loved R. L. Stevenson’s Treasure Island and Howard Lovecraft’s stories about finding ancient artifacts in the ruins of prehistoric castles.

Now treasure hunters have a great advantage over the adventurers of the past. These days, they have a high-tech tool, the metal detector, whose electromagnetic beams penetrate the depths of the earth many meters deep, helping them to find the smallest particles of metal.

Endless wars and other social crises force wealthy people to hide their hard-earned money and valuables. They often hide them in niches of walls, far corners of basements, and on their land plots.

The unprecedented growth of tourism has given treasure hunters another promising opportunity. Every day millions of vacationers forget and lose money and millions of dollars worth of valuables on the sea coasts and sunny beaches.

Awesome Metal Detecting is a cooperative game that puts users in the shoes of a real treasure hunter, allowing them to enjoy precious finds and feel the chill of the deadly threat of insidious competitors behind them.

There is Such a Profession, Treasure Hunting

Professional treasure hunters told reporters in private conversations that they can find valuables worth several thousand dollars on popular resort beaches in just one morning.

  • To start your search, first purchase the cheapest battery-powered metal detector.
  • Now you need to decide where is the most promising place to start scanning the subsoil.
  • The game allows you to go to scan the sea beach, the roadside, public transport stops, and forest meadows and edges.

The most promising places for walking with a metal detector are abandoned buildings outside the city. It may be difficult for some people to imagine, but if you move a little away from the big cities, you can find many abandoned cottages, where, most likely, very wealthy people once lived.

In Old Europe, the owners used to leave their entire medieval castles in desolation (due to lack of funds for their maintenance). So you will definitely find some boxes of gold hidden in a wall of the old castle, where terrible things happened in the past centuries. Or you will find the remains of the immured victim of an unsolved crime from two hundred years ago there.

Awesome Metal Detecting
Awesome Metal Detecting

Becoming a Professional Treasure Hunter

A metal detector that costs a few dollars scans the ground just a couple of inches deep. So buying a good metal detector greatly increases your chances of finding wealth.

In Awesome Metal Detecting, an amateur digger starts with a cheap metal detector, collects all sorts of little things, and sells them, gradually accumulating money to buy professional equipment.

The metal detector requires regular replacement of batteries, and you will also have to spend some money on buying food when traveling.

A powerful scanner will help you discover the burial places of ancient settlements deep underground, possibly left after the Flood, after which entire cities and countries were covered with clay and mud.

The unfortunate victims of the flood were taken by surprise and did not have time to escape, let alone take valuables from their houses.

Regular searches will help diggers earn money not only for equipment, batteries, drinks, and snacks but also for an SUV. That’s when you can go looking for treasures in hard-to-reach areas where no treasure hunter has ever been before.

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