Aweray Remote application (AweSun) for remote access

Developers of popular mobile AweSun app rebranded. And now, the program they are developing and supporting is called Aweray Remote. But the name change has not affected the functional part of it. That is why all those users who have decided to AweSun download on their smartphone after learning the description of this program will get the old useful utility that helps us easily and simply manage the desktop remotely. This allows users to control some of the work processes or situation in the game even from home, which is very convenient.

Aweray Remote essence

Aweray Remote is simple, fast, and very secure software that will help you manage your desktop from a distance. You can connect to the computer you need from anywhere in the city with this program at any time. The most important thing you’ll need is a reliable Internet connection. Aweray Remote users most often use useful features if they plan:

  1. When they have to work at home, but they need access to office computers where useful information is located. This feature will only be useful if users are uncomfortable or unable to copy data and transfer it to a home PC.
  2. Perform remote access and control of mobile devices.
  3. Play video games on smartphones or tablets.
  4. If they plan to use their PC remotely or in pairs with the Smart Power Plug.
  5. If they want to set up an online office for collective work.

You will also be able to come up with at least a dozen more different circumstances when AweSun is useful to you in other cases. In addition, users of this program can invite their friends to this and receive bonus points under the name Sunshine. Furthermore, they will be able to pay for some features with them in Aweray Remote.


Features of the application

To get AweSun, Bitchute, or any other useful program, you cannot find it in Play Market, you should use special catalog sites that include a variety of free apps.

Among other features of this program, there are:

  1. The program is needed to get a remote desktop. This is its general and its only purpose. Through this program, users can use remote access to the PC at any convenient time.
  2. Through this program, users can control the gameplay remotely and conveniently. Therefore, AweSun is so valued by gamers who need to control some aspects of the game outside the main game device.
  3. In addition, it allows you to control any other smartphone or tablet remotely.
  4. Through AweSun, you will be able to display your screen without difficulty when you need to explain something visually to other people.
  5. You can use Aweray Remote to transmit data. Also, it does a great job with this function, as the transmission takes place over a secure channel.
  6. If you use Aweray, you will be able to record the video without difficulty making a video presentation on its basis.
  7. Remote CMD. This feature helps users create remote command connections and customize private commands.
  8. Start printing files in remote mode.

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Aweray Remote features using

It won’t cause you any trouble:

  1. To start, you should download and install the program on the devices you plan to use.
  2. Then you need to run this program and enter the ID and password.

These two steps are the only ones you should take. Once you have connected, you can enjoy the advantages of remote access to your computer with a simple and efficient Aweray Remote application (AweSun).

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