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When the heavy metal subculture was just emerging, fans of such music were severely criticized, primarily because their accessories resembled the symbolism of Satanism.

But in fact, it’s all just for show. Heavy metal with its melodic and rhythmic subtleties and complexities can be compared to symphonic music, but you need to listen carefully to understand it.

Games about Metalheads for Android will help you better understand the true principles of heavy metal fans, put yourself in their place, and understand that it is not about worshiping Evil, it is just about good, but different music.

Motorhead, 1992

Motorhead is one of the first metalhead games. Its main character is the leader of the rock band of the same name, just like all fans love!

The storyline is quite traditional and simple.

  • The band members were kidnapped by fans of competing musical genres.
  • The main character goes to save his friends.
  • On his way, he has to teach rappers, pop, and country singers a lesson and show them who is in charge here, using the heavy neck of the bass guitar, fists, and the irresistible charisma of Lemmy Kilmister.

In the earlier years of the last century, such plots were often played out in fashionable screen musicals. It is practically a “West Side Story” with a heavy metal soundtrack.

KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child

The main character of this game is a musician from KISS. In a sense, the forerunner of heavy metal.

The plot of the game is based on comics about the musicians from KISS. Although the name of the group is not directly mentioned, everything becomes clear from the clothes of the characters.

Later, their style inspired many designers of clothing for metalheads.

The storyline is quite typical: the struggle between Good and Evil. All battles with evil are accompanied by invigorating hard rock riffs.

KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child
KISS Psycho Circus: The Nightmare Child


The eighties of the twentieth century are in a sense the Golden Age that combines Disco, Video, and Heavy Metal. This cool mix was also complemented by the popularity of horror films of all genres, ranging from light mystery films to bloody thrillers without a hint of humanity.

Splatterhouse arcade is a mixture of violence and heavy music with large-caliber pump-action shotguns and chainsaws in the characters’ hands.

The game has a classic plot for its times. An occult scientist conducts a rash experiment and accidentally summons terrifying demons from the Underworld that kidnap the protagonist’s bride.

Fortunately, the protagonist finds an ancient magic mask that gives him extraordinary powers and helps him fearlessly fight the demons.

Vital organs are flying everywhere, shotguns are constantly stuttering, chainsaws are growling and squealing.

Rivers of blood and ominous soundtracks by Five Fingers Death Punch, Cavalera Conspiracy, and Mastodon.

The heavy metal brand book includes spiked wristbands, electric guitars, and the famous devil horns gesture.

Brutal Legend

This project is more like a hard rock digest than a game. Its main character is the leader of a small and unremarkable rock band.

However, heavy metal fans will surely be glad to see the idols of iconic heavy rock bands appear during the game.

The main character gets to an unknown planet to defeat evil, and the landscapes there seem to be copied straight from the album covers of metal bands of the eighties.

The game contains all sorts of heavy metal-related elements, including skulls, skeletons, dead bones, dismembered corpses, fearsome iron-jawed predators, dim moonlight graveyards, spiders, and occult items.

The character defeats evil on the planet using the Gibson Flying V electric guitars of 1957, brought to the stage by metalheads for the second time.

Today, all these metalhead games are available on Android and PC.

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