List of best old games for PC of history

People call these games old but gold. Indeed, the best old PC games do not feature three-dimensional graphics and high resolution, large plot twists, or gameplay, but they continue to delight users with sensations of freshness and surprise. So, many gamers are asking themselves, how did the developers manage to make so much headway with the weakness of computer technology in those years?

In today’s world, even a low-cost smartphone often has much more performance and speed than the best stationary computer of past times. Nevertheless, even if the developers had too small opportunities for creativity, they still laid the foundation for all the subsequent modern games that we love today.

According to gamers and experts, some amazing old PC games have not been surpassed by other projects in their popularity so far. Even if you consider the fact that they got a lot of technical capabilities and developer funding.

List of best old PC games by user opinion

In the modern world of gaming, powerful and fast computers require remakes of some ancient games to be adapted to modern technological standards. Sometimes, developers update projects and present them to users in a very modern way, in which case they have complex graphics and three-dimensional architecture.

Today, playing computer games is like enjoying black and white movies from the beginning of the last century. Although it is a pretty naive occupation, but these games are true pieces of art.

The list of the best old PC games for older users is the same as breathing of tenderness when the trees were big and girls were beautiful.

So, what kind of old PC games are the top 10 ones that the users think are?

  1. Final Fantasy XIV. Released in 2013. MMORPG.
  2. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. The date of release is 2015. Action.
  3. Dota 2. The date of release is 2013. Moba.
  4. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Eyes of Heaven. The date of release is 2015. Martial arts.
  5. Portal. The date of release is 2007. Action.
  6. Left 4 Dead. The date of release is 2008. Action, Shooter.
  7. Warframe. Released in 2012. The shooter, Action.
  8. Marvel Heroes Omega. The date of release is 2013. MMORPG.
  9. D.O.T. Date of release is 2010. RPG.
  10. Counter-Strike Online. The date of release is 2008. Shooter, Online.
Marvel Heroes Omega
Marvel Heroes Omega

We have no need to say about the details of its games because their names will tell you by themselves. Many users have played these games at least once, and some of them keep them on their computers and enjoy the gold fund of old game culture until now.

Why old computer games are still perfective

Recent years have brought some unpleasant surprises to video game fans. New versions of video games have become very complex, and so many modern gamers need urgent upgrades to their computers. For example, it is the installation of a more powerful power supply and ventilation unit. This requires pretty big additional costs.

Video game developers have begun to systematically increase the price of licensed content in recent years and even months, making some games inaccessible to many gamers.

Another factor is the economic crisis that has led the modern gaming community to the fact that the lack of electronic components for assembling computers and mobile electronics appeared. This led to a substantial increase in the cost of retail equipment.

The classics will help you cope with the current. We are referring to the games of the past years, which have proved to be excellent throughout the whole decade.

In addition, old games became free years after their release. That’s why they’re going to make you happy that they’re not going to show you annoying ads and offers to buy other content.

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