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Nowadays, the life of people in a civilized society is 99% everyday boring routine, whose goal is to increase the comfort of their existence. However, man was created by nature as an ideal machine for fighting for survival in a ruthless and predatory environment.

At some point, people get incredibly bored and tired of the routine and, as often happens, go to bars to drown out these feelings with alcohol.

But there is a healthier and more fun way to boost your adrenaline to the level of a deadly fight. Scrap Metal car racing simulator is a great source of adrenaline and a way to turn a domesticated creature into a wild beast capable of extraordinary feats.

Race for Survival

Some people may misunderstand the name of the game as a traditional industrial idiom. The truth is, in motorsports, Scrap Metal would be more correctly interpreted as “Race for Survival”.

Microsoft’s Scrap Metal game project for the Xbox 360 and Xbox Live Marketplace first appeared in 2010 and was presented to the public in Las Vegas at an exhibition from the Consumer Technology Association.

Initially, the game received only positive reviews from critics. They compared it to chainsaw slashers and called it a “racing action game” with great graphics.

  • This is mostly a single-player game with 60 different racing missions.
  • The game has an overhead view of the racing field, which allows players to feel somewhat detached and not experience excessive stress from driving.
  • Scrap Metal offers players a choice of 20 vehicles that they can customize however they want, for example, they can turn an ordinary racing kart into a monster truck with heavy weapons on board.

The game has both a multiplayer mode and a single-player mode with the ability to add up to 4 players.

In the classification of video games, the project is considered an arcade, largely due to its underlying software platform.

Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal

Deadly Combat at High Speeds

Once you have pushed your adrenaline to the limit in traditional obstacle racing, you can move on to a higher level, which is a struggle for survival at high speeds. The game offers players several options to choose from:

  • Competition in the King of the Hill mode.
  • Increasing the tension in the “Demolition Derby” mode. Racers have to deliberately collide with their rivals until their cars are destroyed. This is where the industrial term Scrap Metal shines.
  • Survivor Mode. It’s time to arm yourself if you are already tired of annoying competitors.

In the Survivor game mode, police cars, helicopter gunships, tanks, and other militaristic ammunition tirelessly pursue heavily armed experienced pilots.

Experts say Scrap Metal makes it easy for players to customize landscapes and tune cars, choose opponents and combat equipment, but it’s quite difficult to get used to the gameplay.

It is difficult to navigate under time pressure while driving at maximum speeds. Only people with strong nerves and complete self-control can do this.

Scrap Metal seems outdated in 2022, but that’s its special beauty. It does not have overcomplicated graphics and technological bells and whistles. The game is clean and simple, which allows you to feel like a real racer driving a high-speed car on a difficult track.

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